Saturday, April 12, 2014

52 Ancestors - Richard Lyman - One of the founders of Hartford, CT

I am extremely fortunate to have long family lines in New England.  Because of this I have found many ancestors that were founders of cities and towns and my 11x great grandfather, Richard Lyman, is no different.

Richard Lyman was born in 1580 is Essex, England to Henry and Elizabeth (Rande) Lyman. Richard married Sarah Osborne and they, along with their 5 living children made the voyage over to America in 1631.  They traveled on a ship called the "lion" along with 60 other people.  It appears that they landed in Roxbury, MA, but I'm not certain of that and settled in Charlestown, MA.  In 1635 they family left Massachusetts with Reverend Thomas Hooker to be able to practice their Puritan beliefs.  They landed in Connecticut and was one of the founders of Hartford, CT.  He would die 5 years later in 1640.

Richard's daughter, Phillis (my 10x great grandmother) married William Hills Sr. who was also one of the founders of Hartford.  A few generations down the line, William Hills great grandson, Pelatiah Loveland married Mollie Sparks who is the great, great granddaughter of John Skinner who is another founder of Hartford.

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